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"Elevation Culture did awards for my 2015 Lake Hodges Trail Fest and they were a huge hit. Even non-running spectators were commenting on how much they liked the awards. I will definitely be ordering for future races!"


Race Director

Paul Jesse





"Elevation Culture created the California Triple Crown of Ultrarunning awards and they came out great. It's a pleasure working with Eric."


Race Director

Jakob Herrmann





"Our runners love our races and they love the custom designed race podium made by Eric at Evolution Culture. Awesome wood craftsmanship and attention to detail to represent the outdoors and trail running, plus adding the option to swap out logos for different races makes it versatile and unique for each of our events. We love it and could not be happier, thank you for helping to make our events stand out, keep up the great work!"


Race Director

Terry Majamaki





"I reached out to Elevation Culture to help commemorate what I hoped to be a very special occasion for my father, brother and I.  We were planning to hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim.  I hesitated in my request not expecting a positive response in a request for three medals.  What I received from Eric was surprising to me in a genuine excitement to fill the order.  The medal design was exactly what I hoped for and as I presented them to my dad and brother, it was clear that Elevation Culture had provided us with something special.  The reactions were the same from the onlookers at the South Rim.  Thank you for the exceptional service and amazing medal."


Brian Irwin

You all have something very special on your hands. Every time I visit my father, I’m simply stunned by the sheer quality and unparalleled unique nature of his running awards from the 80’s and 90’s. However beginning in the 2000s as running became less about running and more about charities, experiences, and everything except running, unique high quality awards died a rather swift death. Thus it is very exciting see a company hell bent on bringing back that greatness all the way from the finisher medal to the overall awards and everything in between. Talk about making running great again.


Director of Operations

Brandon Hough